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The Collini Steel is the exclusive importer for Italy of rolled steel "Metal Clad"; innovative products made by the company Takefu Steel based on the ancient Japanese tradition in the creation of the famous Samurai swords. These are different types of metals bonded together to create a composite that encompasses and enhances the strengths of the metals considered separately. The advanced production process allows the creation of knives, jewelry, utensils, pots, golf clubs and other highly exclusive products with high-quality performances.


The brand Collini Steel comes from the will of Rudy Collini, Collini Cutlery holder in Busto Arsizio, to introduce and make available to Italian companies these highly innovative materials, already used by some of the leading international companies in the field of cutlery, in order to further increase the quality of their products.


Combining on one hand a decade of experience of family and deep knowledge of the market in the sale of blades both nationally and internationally and on the other hand a well-established relationship of trust and collaboration with Kono family (owners of Takefu Steel), Collini has decided to act as interlocutor between the Japanese company and the Italian manufacturers to offer them new opportunities to empower their businesses in the markets related to professional, cooking, sport and collectibles knives, as well as other niche and luxury sectors in which the use of "clad steel" can make an important difference.


In order to act at best,  Rudy Collini decided to secure the cooperation of New KSteel, italian leading company in supplying of steel and materials for cutlery, which takes care of the relations with the Italian companies.


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The Takefu Steel, a company founded in 1954 in Takefu in Japan, has specialized for over 60 years in the manufacture of special steels used primarily in the areas of knives and cutting tools for private and professional use.

The Takefu Steel is an international leader in the construction of the steel multilayer "clad steel".

Takefu Steel Company
Famiglia Kono
Takefu Steel Company
Takefu Steel Company

Company history
The company was established in October 1954, separating from the Rolling Division of the Echizen Uchihamono(Cutlers') Association. In October 1959, the company contracted with Nippon Steel Corporation(then named Yahata Steel Corporation) for joint possession of the patent on the developed technology of its "clad steel manufacturing method". In September,1969, the company increased its capital to 30 million yen. In 1979, the company established its integrated manufacturing system in its Ohshio Plant.

Business line
1. Production of multi-layer metals
We develop, manufacture and sell various kinds of clad metal products. By cladding different kinds of metals with original technology mainly by hot rolling cladding method a product which enhance strength of some metals and supplement weakness of others can be manufactured.

2. Various kinds of metal workings
We offer various kinds of metal working jobs utilizing our main equipments such as hot rolling mills, cold rolling mills and hydraulic presses. We also accept welding, heat treating, deoxidizing, cutting and glissading jobs applying our metal working technology.

3. Original Steel for Blades and Knives
We offer our original blade steel "V-gold series". Our products now include pure carbon steel, steel alloy, semi-stainless steel, stainless steel and high-speed steel as well as a powder metal series named "Super X" and "Super Gold". We are sure that these products will satisfy all your needs for blade production.

4. Clad Art
We develop various products made of clad metal, making the best use of its combined characteristics and original design features. Our products include golf putter heads, house interior materials, and industrial art objects unique product series are being developed.

5. New product& New technology
We are also engaged in developing multi-layer titanium using our own cladding technology. By cladding titanium, we can produce new materials for blades and cooking wares by making use of titanium unique characteristics: It's being rust free, clean, strong and light weight. By using titanium instead of stainless clad in golf putters which are already in the market, they will gain more strength, rust-resistance, erosion-resistance Further more the size can be larger, the color can be brighter and design can be more diversified
We are launching "CAN" material sheet which has show superior features for the material of Cutlery, Scissors, various blade.
"CAN" has following features
(1)"CAN" has feature "No rust"(as same as titanium feature).
(2)"CAN" can be applied to blade material for various cutting tool under severe enviorment.

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